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About Ashes, Ashes . . .

Marcella, a sixty-something proprietor of a college town boarding house, investigates the death of her harmless tenant, Katy. She and her two childhood friends hunt down the murderer with the same bravado they had as teenagers. In their search, the three women expose a fraudulent charitable foundation, hiding in plain sight and desperate to conceal the sources of its true wealth.

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About the Author

Melonie B. Hylan lives and writes from her home in Norman, Oklahoma. In Norman, a patch of blue on a red state, she has volunteered in a homeless shelter, helped Oklahoma Dreamers raise money, and lobbied for inclusive LGBTQ language in the city charter. Her debut novel, Ashes, Ashes . . ., draws on her Oklahoma background. Growing up in Oklahoma, she received her BA, MA, and PhD in English from the University of Oklahoma. She has taught at the University of Oklahoma, the University of New Orleans, and Northern Michigan University. Her classes included film, world drama, and literature.


Creative Quills, Norman Galaxy of Writers, Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc., Sisters in Crime, Sisters in Crime: Guppies

Send Melonie an email if you are interested in creating an Oklahoma chapter of Sisters in Crime!


Forthcoming Novel in the Marcella Bonneville, Amateur Detective, Series

Hylan’s next novel, Pitchforks and Penknives, explores a brutal assault from 1964 in a small fictional Oklahoma town. Although the assailant was identified by the victim, no one has ever been brought to justice.  As Marcella spotlights the past, she and her old friend notice fifty year-old parallels to the MeToo movement. They also find their own lives imperiled by a dark, conspiratorial climate as well as a violent sociopath.

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